Spirit of the Masai Mara

Conservation & Community


The organisation ST-EP – Sustainable Tourism Eliminating Poverty – was founded by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 2005, promoting poverty elimination through sustainable tourism development. Spirit of the Masai Mara follows the 7 ST-EP mechanism to channel the socio-economic benefits of tourism, making it possible for the local Masai community to gain from our presence in their area.

This includes:

Employing members of the local community in our tourism enterprise – our Masai safari guides are well trained and certified by the Kenya Wildlife Service. They are passionate about their culture and wildlife and will happily share their vast knowledge with you.

The local community supplies our lodge with goods and services – all handicrafts that can be found in our gift shop are made by local Masai women.

The local community sells their goods directly to you – the Masai women selling their handicrafts have the opportunity to use our gift shop and will directly sell their goods to our guests. Spirit of the Masai Mara does not take any commission from these sales.

Our profits and income benefit the local community – part of our income and profits are directed to the Siana Conservancy.

We support the local community on a voluntary basis – Spirit of the Masai Mara supports local school children, pays for their school fees and books as well as for their transport from their villages to the school. Their school career is closely monitored by the directors Justin and Nadja and the kids are encouraged to pursue their dreams. One of the children – Janet – wants to become a pilot ever since she saw a plane flying over the Masai Mara and we are happy to support her.

Investing in infrastructure – Spirit of the Masai Mara has been opening up roads, making accessibility to certain areas easier for the local Masai community.

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