Spirit of the Masai Mara


The exclusive Siana Conservancy offers you access to one of the most world renowned eco systems. Bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve our aim is to preserve the surrounding wildlife and the culture of the Maasai Community.

The conservancy covers an area of 35,000 acres and benefits over 5,000 local families within the community. Benefits to the Nkoilale community include direct employment for rangers and staff members within the Siana Conservancy. Spirit of the Masai Mara assists with the construction of a primary school for girls providing an opportunity for education.

The conservation fee included in your stay with Spirit of the Masai Mara is distributed between the local community, the management of the Siana Conservancy and the protection of the diverse wildlife. This sustainable approach to conservation, is vital to the ethos of Spirit of the Masai Mara. 

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have been instrumental in the creation and sustainability of the Siana Conservancy. With the support of funds raised by WWF, we have been able to employ and train rangers allowing the protection of this crucial elephant breeding area. This has allowed for a flourishing habitat for the diverse wildlife. WWF involvement has been instrumental in the protection of the flora and fauna.

Community Conservancy Rangers have grown up in the local area and are undergoing continuous training to enhance their wildlife conservation skills as well as using GPS technology to monitor the wildlife.

It is vital for Spirit of the Masai Mara to protect its surrounding nature and wildlife. This form of environmental management ensures a sustainable income for the local community based on their land titles whilst optimizing the area for the surrounding wildlife. A delicate balance must be struck between the needs of pastoral cattle herders and the diverse wildlife.

Siana Conservancy operations commenced in June 2016; the influx of wildlife has been tremendous. We now are proud to host a pride of over 26 lions, more than 200 resident buffalo, migratory and resident wildebeest.

Spirit of the Masai Mara witness’s numerous wildlife activity right at our doorstep with magnificent views from our luxury lodge. Our silver guides are always keen to show you the less famous aspects of the eco systems including aardvarks, pangolins, mongoose, genets, civets and caracals. The eco system also offers you great opportunity for ornithology, over 3,000 species of birds exist in the Masai Mara including the bateleur eagles, saddle billed stocks, and Kenya’s National bird the Lilac-breasted roller.Guests are invited to discuss any aspect of the conservancy with the management of Spirit of the Masai Mara.

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