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For the community experience

There is so much fun to be had learning the traditional customs of the Maasai warrior. These include building and starting a fire, spear throwing, using a bow and arrow to practice shooting a stationary target. Find out how they used a ‘rungu’ for hunting in the old days and skills required to track animals. Learn about the medicinal properties of the local plants and shrubs, including some very practical uses, such as brushing teeth! Delve into their fascinating history and hear all about their culture and what it means to be Maasai.

At The Spirit of the Masai Mara we have a deep connection with the local community and we are always looking at ways for our guests to feel like they have made a genuine connection, especially with the people that live here and make it what it is. Spirit of the Masai Mara offers excursions to the nearby Maasai village for a first-hand experience of the Maasai culture and lifestyle. Enjoy the traditional Maasai dances and jumping contests and learn from the Maasai how to make a fire and use a spear and bow and arrow. If you are lucky, you can experience the ceremonial rituals when young Maasai transition from childhood to warrior to elder. The visits to the Masai village are only arranged on special requests of our guests and at the convenience of our Maasai hosts.

Cost: US$ 20 paid directly to community

Guests are welcome to take in the activities of the rustic village mosque in Sekenani town on Fridays. Where anyone can visit and interact with the community.

Visit to the local church in Sekenani on Sundays mornings for those wanting to engage with the local community. Join in the cheerful signing and listen to the sermons and immerse in the daily life of those who live here.

For a truly rewarding experience, visit the Olmalaika home, which was set up to protect young girls from 0 - 16 years old who have experienced trauma and are in need of a warm, nurturing and loving environment. Learn about the team who have made a huge difference in the lives of these children and how you can support this very special initiative. One of the special initiatives that they are responsible for are making reusable sanitary pads for young maasai girls.

Spirit of the Masai Mara supports local school children, pays for their school fees and books as well as for their transport from their villages to the school. Their school career is closely monitored by the directors Justin and Nadja and the kids are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

Protecting 35,000 acres of wilderness in Siana Conservancy, the Rangers work with local communities to safeguard this beautiful area. Spend time with the team, including a group of brave women who bring a new perspective and skill set to the ranger unit and speak to the Managers to learn about the conservation work in the conservancy.

Koiyaki Guiding School’s mission is to enhance the employment prospects of young Maasai in a time when traditional ways of living are being eroded by land scarcity, climate change and modern development. Visit the school and met the students aspiring to be safari guides, who will be the next generation to share their passion and culture with travelers visiting the Masai Mara.

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